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Enjoy free venison and other game meat when successfully harvested and tagged according to Mass Wildlife laws and regulations

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More than 35 years of successful harvests registered with Commonweath of MA, Mass Wildlife, ATF, and US Border Patrol.


Effective techniques that are fully compliant with Massachusetts Hunting and Trapping regulations

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At Mass Deer Service, we are on a mission to create a harmonious balance between our local ecosystem and the well-being of homeowners. Led by passionate bowhunters, we've recognized the growing concern surrounding deer overpopulation, which leads to increased tick populations and damaged gardens. Our solution? A collaborative effort that benefits both homeowners and the environment.

By volunteering your property for carefully managed bowhunting, you're not only helping to reduce the deer population, but you're also playing a vital role in curbing the spread of tick-borne diseases and protecting your precious flora.

• Utilize experts in deer herd control
• Completed MA hunters safety training and selected for Blue
  Hills Quabbin Reservoir deer herd reduction
• 35+ years in deer wildlife management

Cyril Lemaire
  • Business Owner, Expert Bowhunter, Married with 3 daughters
Business Owner Expert Bowhunter, Married for 26 years with 3 daughters

We have had at least 3 deer coming regularly between the properties and they are not afraid of people.  However I have been chasing them away to save some of my favorite perennials. Of course your are welcome to hunt on our property.  

- Sherborn resident & 10 years of service

We noticed several fawns around this summer and hope you will have a bigger harvest this year.  Thank you for the meat.  We enjoyed a delicious venison stew made by daughter-in-law.

- Sherborn resident & 11 years of service

The deer are quite comfortable finding all of my tasty perennials  and shrubs even near my front yard and when I approach them frantic waving my arms they look at me as if to say "what"  "we'll be finished soon!"  Go for it.  Wish you luck and our landscape helper is still interested in some of your catch if you are lucky.

- Medfield resident & 12 years of service